Urban Shepherd Edible Gardens

Apples in an edible garden

Fresh Food from Edible Gardens

Do you enjoy eating straight from your own edible garden? Would you like to know that your food is fresh and has never seen a supermarket?

If so, you’re in the right place! We specialise in designing edible gardens using permaculture principles – everything from a complete garden plan to a single planter box for your salad vegies.

Learn about compost, raised beds and wicking beds. Check if your soil is right for growing fruit and vegetables. Learn how to prune your trees.

Maintaining Your Garden

We can teach you all this and more! We also do all or any of the tasks you need done, including ongoing maintenance of your own edible garden.

Urban Shepherd specialises in wicking bed design and construction. We build most of our wicking beds from Golden Cypress – a tree grown in farm windbreaks and harvested when it is no longer needed. It has a long life-span as an outdoor timber and looks great, either natural or oiled. It is considered a highly sustainable timber.

We also construct elegant wicking planter boxes which can sit on your balcony or deck, keeping fresh salads within reach. These planter boxes are made of sustainable Australian timbers and will work trouble-free for years.

We also maintain your garden beds, with regular checks on how your garden is doing. We can top up garden beds with the right soil mix and nutrients when needed.

Garden Advice

We are available to offer you advice on your edible garden. Call or email us and we will be happy to answer any questions you have, including maintenance of your wicking bed or planter, what to grow when and even how to harvest and cook your edibles! We enjoy seeing edible gardens flourish and advise and support local community groups.


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