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The Urban Shepherd Online Shop is now open! You can now buy all our products online. In addition you can buy Gift Certificates for any of our products or services.

You can shop securely using Paypal, or call and purchase over the phone. You can have garden beds and other items delivered and installed, or choose form our range of composting and garden wall products to be delivered.

We now stock Atlantis Gro-Wall® products, which allow you to build a vertical wall of greenery to whatever size you want. Gro-WallAtlantis Gro-Walls® are suitable for a small yard, deck or verandah, or for commercial green wall installations. Easy to assemble, Gro-Walls are built to take integrated irrigation anBokashi Bucketd are easily expanded to a size that suits you.

Bokashi Indoor Composting Bins are a great way to dispose of food scraps which may be unsuitable for the regular compost bin, or where you don’t have a larger compost system. Built to sit in the kitchen, they are odour-free and work by biologically digesting food scraps. They have an easy to use tap, allowing you to 

For those with pets, the Ensopet Pet Poo composter is a fantastic invention. Based on the same technology as the Bokashi, the composter sits below ground level, with a simple screw cap to the inner chamber. Supplied with tongs and composting starter, this is a great answer to the problem!

Tumbleweed Worm FarmWorm farms are a great way to get children involved in gardening. We stock Reln round and regular worm farms. Durable and well-designed, these include everything you need – just add worms.

Our raised timber and iron garden beds and wicking garden beds can now be bought online. You can talk to us about any of our products and services. Most importantly, we offer ongoing support and advice at no extra cost.


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