Cabbage with frost

Edible Gardens for Life

Edible Local Food

Edible gardens are a way of producing some of our own food right at home. It doesn’t get more local than that!

People are becoming increasingly aware of the energy, water and ‘food miles’ that go into producing conventional vegetables and fruit. Growing our own is a great way of having your household become more sustainable.

Some edible gardens take up a large part of a backyard, others are a small area set aside for the purpose. They may be in pots on a balcony or window sill, or in a front yard. You can grow a very worthwhile harvest in even a small space.

Edible gardens can include a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and herbs and can also incorporate other garden contributors, such as chickens and goats.

Appealing Gardens

Some people worry that a vegetable garden is less appealing than an ornamental garden. In our experience edible gardens can be both productive and appealing. edible garden with flowering plants

At Urban Shepherd we love the appearance of productive trees and plants, and we also include flowering plants which add to the appeal of the garden. Many of these flowering plants attract bees that help pollinate the food plants. And many flowering plants can also be food plants! Violets, nasturtium (Indian cress),  and marigold (calendula), all make a great contribution to salads. Borage has the most beautiful flowers which make a great addition to salads, summer fruit drinks and as a decoration on cakes.

Designed well, an edible garden can be a place of delight as well as productivity.

A Sense of Wonder for Children

Edible gardens are an ideal way for children to get in touch with the world. There is so much for them to learn as they watch seeds they have sown grow into healthy plants. Looking at plant and insect life in the garden gives children an experience of the natural world which stimulates physical and neurological development. They get to expand their creativity and develop a sense of wonder.

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