Garden with antique bike

Permaculture Gardens

Permaculture gardens focus on the relationship between all the elements in the garden. The goal is to create a complex, productive system that requires the minimum input of labour and materials.

Permaculture gardens begin with planning how the different elements are going to be placed. This provides a framework which fits within the existing structures – house, sheds, fences and so on.

Depending on the kind of plants we want to incorporate, new structures are added. Attention is paid partlicularly to the soil, which should be built up so that it can support the plants we are incorporating.

The principles can be used in a large property, an urban backyard and even an apartment courtyard.

Eventually the permaculture garden will become a food forest, needing less work and material inputs over time.

David Holmgren demonstrating permaculture principles

David Holmgren demonstrating permaculture principles at Meliodora

Urban Shepherd can produce and implement permaculture designs for properties of all sizes.

David Holmgren and Bill Mollison originated the Permaculture concept in Tasmania in the 1970s.
Since then, it has spread to many parts of the world. David has developed his property, Meliodora in central Victoria as an outstanding example of the application of Permaculture principles. You can read more about Permaculture and David’s workshops and resources here: Holmgren Design


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