A sustainable garden


Sustainability is an increasingly common word these days. Sustainability can be used in many different contexts. Essentially it means planning that everything we do can be repeated, without using up resources which can’t be replaced.

Edible gardening at home is one of the most valuable ways to begin practising sustainability. By growing some of our food at home, fewer resources are needed to produce the food we eat. This includes artificial fertiliser, which has to be manufactured, then transported, fuel used in agricultural machinery and fuel used to bring the food to us – usually referred to as ‘food miles’.

The aim is to keep as much of what we do and use local. For this reason, Urban Shepherd supports local, homegrown food and also local traders.

Vegie Swaps are a great way for home gardeners to extend the range of home-produced food they can access, as well as a great place to share local ideas on growing food.

Sustainability can also include producing our own electricity, hot water and stored water. Retrofitting, including better insulation, helps reduce our dependance on non-renewable resources. We are happy to advise about where you can go to find out more information about any resources for sustainability.

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