Finished wicking beds

Garden Beds of All Kinds

We build and instal garden beds of all types – from raised beds, to wicking beds and in-ground beds. Raised garden beds have advantages over in-ground planting. Firstly, they allow you to fill the bed with exactly the right soil mix for your plants to thrive. Second, they encourage air in the soil – the soil is more ‘fluffy’. In-ground beds can often become compacted, which plants don’t appreciate.

We can also fit out existing beds to make them perform better, or tunr them into wicking beds (yes, our favourites). For more on wicking beds, go here.

We build garden beds in all types of timber, from recycled timber, to new timbers. Most beds are made of macrocarpa (Golden Cypress), or safe treated pine. We like macrocarpa since it is naturally durable and does not need to be treated. it is also sustainable, since it is harvested out of farm windbreaks where it is no longer needed. Like most timbers, it will either turn grey or can be oiled to retain its original colour. Most of the garden beds pictured on this site are made of macrocarpa. It also smells great!

We fit the garden bed to your cultivation needs as well as your aesthetic preference. We believe that garden beds should look good as well as work effectively. Enjoying the way the garden looks means we are more likely to spend time there.

You can choose rustic or urban chic? Weathered or a beautifully finished piece of garden ‘furniture’. The choice is yours. Be assured that whatever your choice is, Urban Shepherd will make sure it works for years to come. All our beds are guaranteed against faults in materials or installation.

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