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What we do

We advise you, supply, build and maintain your edible garden. Our job is to assist you as much as you need. You may want help starting a garden, or a compost heap. You may want assistance pruning fruit trees. You may want us to completely build and maintain your food garden.

Our job is to work with you. If you have materials you want to recycle into garden structures, we are happy to do that. If you want to do some of the work yourself, such as planting vegetables, or creating your own compost, we will work alongside you.

Permaculture design and implementation
Garden beds (including raised beds)
Wicking beds
Creating healthy compost
Soil testing
Fruit tree pruning
Seedlings and companion plants
Advice on growing fruit and vegetables
On-going maintenance
Holiday watering
And more ...
We can even use your recycled materials to build garden structures.